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Bunny Rabbit

{BTS JEON JUNGKOOK FF} Cute Bunny episode 3*read description*

So some of you might be wondering when I’ll upload part two of my oneshot gangster Queen well it will be after this ff Cute Bunny and let me tell you the troubles I had uploading this video

So I had to edit it on kinemaster and then export it but my phone didn’t have space so I spent 30 min trying to delete stuff and finally I could export but then it glitch and I had to export this video 5 times and then my connection was poor so it was slow and then I had to send it to my photo album to upload it😭😭😭

but at least I uploaded the video and comment down below if you want me to not wait until the end of this ff to upload the oneshot part 2~ remember I purple u💜💜💜