🎶 ‘Like a rocket through the sky we go, bringing this baby home!’ ✨

Help to bring this baby home! Sing and dance along to this music video with Freddy the Flamingo and Pip the Penguin from #TOTS Episode 1A. It’s the ‘Bringing This Baby Home’ song! 🎶💖 #DisneyJuniorUK

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Every day feels so sweet when you’re making families complete! ❤️ Pip the Penguin and Freddy the Flamingo have just landed the best jobs in the world – they are Junior Fliers at T.O.T.S., the Tiny Ones Transport Service.

As Junior Fliers the best friends have a big responsibility – they are tasked with delivering adorable baby animals from the clouds to their forever families around the world. 🌎 From a huge baby blue whale, to a charming baby panda and a cheeky little kitten, no delivery is too big or too small. 🐳 There’s just one rule: all deliveries must be completed before the bottle runs out. 🍼 And for every safe delivery they make, the friends earn an official delivery stamp.

As the first non-stork delivery team, these two feathered friends have a lot to learn. But with Pip’s mind and Freddy’s heart, they will prove that it’s not about what wings you have, it’s what’s underneath them that counts. 💞

Freddy the flamingo is in charge of the flying when it comes to delivery time. ☁️ He can’t navigate though, so he’d be lost without Pip. Freddy loves his job, especially all of the really, really, cute baby animals he gets to deliver. 💖

Pip the penguin is the chief navigator of the duo. 🐧 Although he can’t fly, he’s great with a map and always has a plan. 🗺️ He’s keen to learn and loves spending time with his best friend Freddy.

Captain Beakman is a stork and the leader of T.O.T.S. 💙 She gives the instructions to the team and often offers extra advice to Pip and Freddie. Although the friends don’t always get things right, Captain Beakman trusts that they’ll get the hang of it eventually.

K.C. the koala runs the nursery at T.O.T.S. and looks after all of the babies before they go to their forever homes. 🐨 She is very caring and loves having fun with the little ones. She can often be found singing and dancing to keep them entertained. 🎶 She also gives Pip and Freddy really good advice.