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Updated 2nd April 2008
Bobboy in memory. My adorable bunny suffered diarrhea for 2 days and then he left me forever at 8.15pm, 2nd April 2008. I was petting him on my lap at the very last moment when he was dying and it was unbearable to see he took his very last breath in my hand. I will always remember his soft, fluffy and delicate companion. It’s very traumatic and how I wish this is only a dream to me.

I can’t hold my tears every time I watch this video and all his photos. It’s heartbreaking when I miss called my kitty (name Casper) as Bobboy. I deeply missed Bobboy.

Rest in peace Bobboy. Heaven is the best place for you my dear.

This is my Mini Lop bunny. His name is Bobbi Brown and I called him Bobboy.
He really loves to eat. After 3 days I bought him, he shows his skill that amazed me. In this video he looks so adorably greedy to get his food. There are more videos soon to be uploaded.

Oh I love you my plushy mushy notty bunny. xoxo.