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Last week I did a tutorial educational homesteading video on top reasons why you should look into raising meat rabbits. Viable option for urban homesteads, places with no room, covenants, and people who want to save money and dont hunt. Rabbits are a great healthy meat source. You dont need a phD. Frugally economical!

BUT its not for all people. I was surprised at how many people DO raise the meat rabbits and love it. And they do so humanely and in a loving fashion! YES respectful and loving?! YES….its possible.

But there were some who didnt agree or understand. And thats ok, but I wanted to clarify and explain more about the rabbits and why we do what we do!!
I think its important to show the REAL side of homesteading. Giving people a peak inside of how we sustain. Sometimes people don not agree with raising farm animal and butchering them. But often I find they have issues going to the store and not thinking twice where t heir food some from. Supporting not just animals that have been raised in cruel conditions, but buying food from sources where HUMAN beings are being abused and unfairly worked!! That SALAD your eating had to be picked by someone? Maybe a illegal immigrant who just wants to feed their family? And they they are worked to death and paid five bucks an hour? And thats ok?
So I think its imperative we GET the realities of our food and where it comes from. And we learn some alternative methods to finding sources of food besides being dependent on the store!