A special moment of Pitter 🐇 enjoying a delicious piece of watermelon while standing on his legs.

🎵 Music Credits ⬇️

Music: Farewell
Musician: Ilya Truhanov

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Welcome bunny lovers! If your day is boring or not exciting enough to bring you back the smile, then you are in the right channel. Pitter is my 3 months old rabbit that loves to play and eat almost everything delicious. He hopes he will make a lot of youtube friends and promisses he will entertain every person who watch his videos. All the content is authentic and recorded only by me. Pitter thanks you for reading this description. (*Here is some salad for you my youtube friend* 😋) If you can’t wait for Pitter’s videos, hit the subscribe and bell icon to get notified about his everyday journey. Much love for all you guys!