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मैं अपने गार्डन Hari Bhari Vatika में हमेशा नए-नए पौधों के बारे मे जानकारी देती हूं, पौधों को कैसे लगाते हैं, उनमें कैसी, किस तरह की खाद का प्रयोग किया जाता है, समय समय पर उन पर जैविक कीटनाशकों का प्रयोग करना बताया, जाएगा।
Mai waste materials se bhi new new planters banati hu, or apne garden ko decorate karti hu,
How to decorate your garden from waste materials. All things made from plastic bottles and pasticwste containers, ice cream stics, pebbles, stone, waste planter.
The beginning of my garden… why I started gardening.
I named my garden as “Hari bhari vatika”. I made it 2 years ago. Although I was not very fond of gardening since childhood. My mother was very fond of gardening. But a few years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer and then my mother also died. I was very upset at that time, then the doctor advised me and said that I should concentrate myself in my work, my work of my choice. The doctor must have said this ……. because in 2017 I had cancer again and I was undergoing treatment, I was undergoing chemotherapy. At the same time, my mother would leave my world which was a big accident for me, maybe one after the other, I would not come into depression.
I still wonder why I thought of gardening only a few months after my mother’s death, even though I was not very fond of gardening since childhood.
Maybe I have decided to do this gardening so that I can make my mother feel closer to me. I have planted all the plants in my garden of my mother’s choice. That is why I started gardening and now I like gardening very much. I want to inspire people through this gardening channel, so that they can also plant new plants. I am a Kaiser patient and after that I am not discouraged. I love nature so much that we should keep doing something in life, because you get frustrated sitting empty. Always keep thinking ahead, and positive thinking. There are problems with everyone in life, and I believe whatever life is, accept what you have and be cool. Now my Hari Bhari Vatika made by my own hard work inspires and keeps me happy.