At the beginning of the year I did not suspect that I would have rabbits, and furthermore three ones! And a cat!!! I’ve always loved rats and they have always been my favorite pets, but their life is too short! Just 2 years. 😥 And losing them so often is very hard to !
Exactly a year ago, my two beloved rats, Martin and Liam, died of illness and I was in a deep depression, I thought that I would not take any pet for a very long time.
But after half a year on the occasion of fate, my friend send me a sweet picture of newborn rabbits. I showed it to Alex, my boyfriend and the next day we were on our way to take our first bunny Mia from the pet store! 💕
And now we have our beloved Mokka, Mia, Eli and Lexa! And we are absolutely and definetely happy now! This is how life can be transformed in year fundamentally!
Enjoy this cute video how our gorgeous rabbit Mokka is drinking water with her little pink tongue! 💜