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Bunny Rabbit

Bunny eating Treats (ASMR Fail)

Hi, everyone!

It’s Bunny ASMR! It has been a few months ever since I have uploaded a video and I thought it would be cute to make an ASMR series of my Netherland Dwarf Bunny, Erna, eating! This is not an ASMR video, sadly, since I was not able to retrieve the audio from my microphone. I didn’t want this video to go to waste because it is honestly so adorable to see my baby bun eating her favourite treats!

Treats in the videos:
Pellet Cookies
– 2 tbsp of pellets
– 1 tbsp of hot water
– Half a banana
Mashe them together and place on a baking sheet, flatten it and then bake on 170°c for 30-40 mins. Keep an eye on the cookies so they don’t burn 🙂
Air Dried Apples
Air Dried Mangos