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Cute Owls EVERYWHERE at Japan's Owl Cafe!

Welcome to Japan’s most famous Owl Cafe! Located just a few minutes south of Ikebukuro Station in Tokyo, Japan, the Ikefukurou owl cafe has fourteen owls under their care. “Ikefukurou” is a mixed word of the name of town, Ikebukuro, and Fukurou, which means “owl” in Japanese. The place runs like clockwork as visitors are called in by name, given a short safety talk, and then allowed to spend the rest of the hour with the owls.

The cover charge includes a fruit juice or beer for refreshment, and an hour with the owls. The staff is friendly and will even help you pose for photos with an owl on your hand or head. The friendly owls include an American eagle-owl, mottled owl, tawny owl, vermiculated eagle-owls, several species of stops owl, and a tropical screech owl.

Only in Japan can one get so up-close and person to these cute, precious creatures.

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