After unboxing a whole box of Littlest Pet Shop Thirsty Pets slime Sam and his friend Sue decided to unbox even more! This time it’s Littlest Pet Shop Hungry Pets – adorable pets and their food inside the cutest tin cans ever! They’re unboxing Series 3 Wave 1.

The tin cans are very easy to open and each of them contains a toy pet, a hat or another accessory for the pet, and a mystery treat! All of them are inside little blind bags begging to be opened!

Littlest Pet Shop has all kinds of pets – hamsters, monkeys, cats, dogs, birds… They have big eyes and adorable paws (or wings). They can move their heads in a cute way. Sue wants to collect them all! Do you think she will make it?

8:38 Don’t miss the appearance of slick slime Sam!

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This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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