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Bunny Rabbit

Bird Or Rabbit Optical Illusion

Another day, another bizarre optical illusion doing the rounds on social media. Yup, we’ve already had the weird black and white/colour group shot and the car door/beach scene and now the latest is a video of a cute bunny being petted… or, is it a bird?

Sharing the clip on Twitter Dan Quintana, a biological psychiatry researcher at the University of Oslo, wrote: “Rabbits love getting stroked on their nose.”

However, users were quick to respond to say that they saw a black bird, most likely a crow or raven, while others insisted that they saw a cute bunny getting its nose tickled.

The animal can be seen as a bird which is having the back of its head rubbed, while it has its beak open; or the ‘beak’ can be seen as a couple of white-tipped bunny ears, while the ‘nose’ is being stroked.