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Baby Bunny Baby Rabbit

Wildlife rehabber syringe feeding an injured baby cottontail rabbit.

This is not meant as an instructional video – DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. These are the hands of a trained expert meant for entertainment and education ONLY. This video was made at H.A.R.E. inc.

If you’ve found a wild rabbit, deliver them to the nearest wildlife rehabilitator in your area. If the rabbit is uninjured and about the size of a tennis ball, he or she can be set free. He or she can be placed in ANY nest with similar sized wild rabbits if he or she is smaller or hasn’t opened his or her eyes – the mother will NOT reject them if they smell like people. If you’ve found a nest, it’s probably not abandoned – mother rabbits only feed their babies twice a day to avoid attracting predators to the nest. If you suspect that the nest is abandoned, place a ring of flour around the nest OR an “X” of sticks over the nest and check to see that it’s still intact after about 12 hours, indicating that the mother has NOT returned. It the ring is broken or the X is disrupted, please don’t kidnap the babies. Placing cotton balls soaked with plain peppermint oil can help deter predators if you’re worried. This video was made at H.A.R.E. inc. with Dana Krempels, Kevin Johnson, Brent Dressel and Christie Taylor. Please consider donating to help care for these animals.