A tiny pet bunny rabbit is enjoying a warm spring day, surveying his lands from the comfort of his home. Suddenly, his keen eyes spot the most magnificent sight he can imagine – a field of his favorite flower, the precious dandelion!

The bunny watches the dandelion field intently, refusing to take his eyes off of it – scared that if he blinks, it will fade into nothingness, or some woodland creature with come along and snatch all of the delicious flowers from his grasp. Oh! How he longs to eat those precious flowers! How tasty the roots would be! How tender the shoots! How luscious the leaves! What a succulent treat indeed!

And doesn’t he deserve it? Hasn’t he been a fine beast all summer long? Hasn’t he treated all beings with kindness, and dignity, and respect, and gone out of his way to bring cheer to all around him? Isn’t it about time he rewarded himself?

With help from his human, the rabbit embarks on an epic journey of discovery and wonder to try and claim his glorious prize.

A dandelion itself will not do. He must choose the greatest dandelion of all.