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Scary Bunny Nightmare! Horror movie about a killer bunny. Zombie bunny does lots of killing, yummy yummy. He likes biting you! “Yummy yummy girl.”

soundtrack by Ken Christianson
Written directed by Nagisa Kamae and Sam Graham

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Creepy bunny likes killing people. Cute monster loves girls. Scary bunny in the dark. サイコバニー怖いバニー,気持ち悪いウサギ

The bunny in the nightmare is chasing you. Looking at you. Staring at you. You walked in the bad part of town and something bad happens.

crazy psycho bunny.

from one of the creators:

“Zombie movies are cool because I like bleeding and someone killing, makes me exciting. I like walking dead.”

“Walking dead has lots of bleeding and drama. Drama makes me watch more.”

“Its a cartoon about killing and horror and a cute bunny.”

“I like cute baby bunny.”

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Sam And Nagichan