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Cleaning With My Baby Bunny – Netherland Dwarf Rabbit

This was only a temporarily set up for our baby rabbit till she got used to us. It is advise to keep the new baby bunny in a small, dim/dark place, and away from other pets so they don’t get stressed out. You should not hold or pet your bunny when they are stressed out. Just leave them be and wait for her to relax. You can tell they are relax when they move around a lot and exploring the places. Tip: when they relax, try feeding the bunny with her hand, so the bun get used to your hand and your scent. This can take few days for the bun to get used to you. If you do it right, you will bond with your bunny nicely and they will love to cuddle with you.

Also, not good idea to put 2 stranger bunny together right away. They have to go through bonding process first before they can be together. We have now build her a large pen for her and her friend to run around in. See our latest video : )

My baby bunny loves to follow me while I clean and play with the brush.
This was only a temporarily set up for our baby Rabbit till she got used to us.
She loves happy as a cage free Rabbit with their sister Sumomo.
My Baby Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Diary

We love to share the playful moments of our bunnies Sumomo and Aibon, and share our experiences and stories of having bunnies and the process of bonding them.

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