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Baby Cottontail – Arizona Cottontail Rabbit Baby

This is a very, very young baby Arizona Cottontail Rabbit we saw at the Gilbert Riparian Preserve. We just filmed this adorable baby bunny from a distance as not to disturb it.

Cottontail rabbits are among the most common, and baby rabbits will be left alone while the mamma forages and eats. This is to protect the babies and not let predators know where they are. We are not sure if this little one had litter mates, or had wandered away from his burrow.

Cottontail rabbits are known for their white, fluffy tails that they use as warnings for other rabbits, and usually only live up to 2 years/

With Easter coming up, please enjoy this baby cottontail video and share, but please don’t get a rabbit as a pet if you aren’t prepared to keep them.