🐰🐇🐰🐇omg! I Get home from work I go downstairs into the basement and I noticed some movement in the basement window….oh! cute bunny’s! 1,2,3….6 of em! but wait, is that momma bunny? and why isn’t she moving? no way she got stuck… no waaaaay! poor poor little bun buns! I gotta admit, that I’m completely useless and know nothing about bunny care or wild bunnymen(my sweetheart Amanda had a pet rabbit so I asked for her assistance) so be kind with your abusive comments im delicate, like a baby bunny. hop hop 🐰🐰🐇🐇momma appears to have passed away attempting to dig her way out from the looks of it. when I removed mom from the hole her entire upper body was half buried in a last ditch effort to escape… ugh all joking aside it’s really sad. im just trying to focus on the positive, that we saved them bun buns from a similar fate…I wish you luck, it’s a harsh world.