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Bunny Rabbit

Bunny Eggs

Make this easy craft with your kids and have a fun afternoon. We’ll explain you how to decorate eggs for Easter or for any other holiday, eitherway you will create a very cute rabbit. For this craft you need to clean the eggs and leave only the shells, so it will be easier to handle them and that way they will last longer.
• Template
• 3 eggshells
• Acrylic paints: pink, white, brown and orange
• Pink, green and brown foamy
• Scissors
• Pink and black markers
• Hot glue
• Paintbrush and thin brush
1. Mark the template on the fomi and cut it out. Fold on the dotted lines.
2. Paint the eggs with the paintbrush and the acrylics, and let dry. Paint the details with the thin brush.
3. Draw the face with the markers and paste the cardboard pieces over the eggs. Have fun with your super cute bunnies!