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Viral Rabbit/Bunny Ear Moving Hat/Beanie Dance 2018

This is the latest Viral Trends in 2018. Rabbit Ear Moving Hat or Rabbit Ear Move.

Viral Movable Rabbit Ear Hat is a rabbit plushy hat that can flap and move the ears by pressing the paws. It’s extremely Viral in China, Japan, Korea and the trend is moving to other parts of the world.

Many Celebrities are having fun with it via Tik Tok App.

Play it on Tik Tok App with Rabbit Ear Dance

It can be used as Winter Hat, Halloween Hat, Easter Hat, Christmas Hat, Kids Hat, Plushy and it is able to keep warm.

How To Play It :

Start By Downloading Tik Tok App

After Registering Account,

Go To + Sign In the Middle Of The Tik Tok App
Select Sound
Search Rabbit Ear Dance 2018
Start Shooting using the Lapse Mode

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