This is our first litter of English Angoras here at Bri’s Bunnies! All four kits in this litter turned out to be stunning does! Their names are Starlight, Annabelle, Melanie & Rosalind!

STARLIGHT is a blue tortoiseshell kit, she is the easiest one to distinguish in this video as she has a great big white spot on her head! Starlight went to a pet home but was eventually returned to Bri’s Bunnies do to her owners not having time for her. She was then placed in an amazing home where her wool is used to make beautiful creations! And don’t worry! she is spoiled rotten!

ANNABELLE is a blue tortoiseshell kit, in the video she has a small white dot on her forehead. She went to live with her new mommy in Connecticut!

MELANIE is a blue tortoiseshell kit. She stayed at Bri’s Bunnies for awhile and started her show carrier before heading down to her new home in Delaware!

ROSALIND is a lilac tortoiseshell kit. Rosalind is a SHOW STOPPER!!!! She has won many many Best in Shows for us and has given us some gorgeous babies!.