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Protect a Rabbit Nest and Keep Babies with Mom

Cottontail rabbits are the most commonly admitted mammal to wildlife rehabilitators in the United States. They are also one of the most sensitive species to care for in captivity. Many situations where a cottontail nest is discovered or disturbed can be resolved and keep the mother rabbit (the doe) with her babies (the kits). This short video will help YOU keep a cottontail nest and babies safe, and the family together. NOTE: Injured cottontails require professional care from a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.

FAQS: Cottontail rabbits open their eyes at 7 days. They are weaned at 3 weeks. They leave the nest at about 4 weeks.

Mother rabbits only feed the babies twice a day in the evening hours, which is why the nest cannot be covered overnight.

A rabbit nest CANNOT be moved. The mother rabbit DOES NOT move her babies. A rabbit nest must be left where it is found and protected in place.

Dangers to babies in the nest include dogs, cats, crows, hawks, owls, and humans. Covering the nest during the daytime hours (after sunrise to sunset) can protect the babies from many of these dangers.

Thank you for taking the time to learn how to protect a cottontail nest.