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Lockvlog day 1 – We rescued an injured bunny! Introducing him to my other bunnies 🐰💗

Today was the first day of “Lockdown” in South Africa due to the Covid-19 virus.

I’ve decided to make a “Lockvlog” video every day to help me focus on positive things and hopefully help lift someone else’s spirits too 💗

Today we introduced our latest rescue bunny to the girls.
It went so well! 🐰 I’m very proud of my girls for accepting him so quickly.


He had a split ear and nine other injuries on his body.
He has fully recovered and he’s been neutered, dewormed and treated for parasites.
The bunnies are only allowed together under supervision for now, we are following the veterinarian’s advice.

Thank you so much to Cape Exotic Animal Hospital for the amazing love and care shown to the animals every time we visit!