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Bunny Rabbit

Royal Cam Albatross ~ Peter Rabbit Hops By! 😂 Pippa Clacks & Defends Her Nest! 3.25.20

Peter Rabbit pays a visit to our girl! As soon as she sees him, she clacks at him and stands up as he quickly scurries away! lol Just too cute! Also some cool albatross flybys and Pippa gets up to flap her wings. Thank you for watching!

Video captured & edited by Lady Hawk

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The albatross pair is OGK (banded Orange, Green, Black) a 21 year old male and YRK (banded Yellow, Red, Black) a 25 year old female. YRK laid the egg on 14 November 2019. Located at Top Flat Rock New Zealand. Chick hatched Jan. 31st, 2020.

Courtesy of Dept of Conservation Royal Cam, Royal Albatross Taiaroa Head, New Zealand & Cornell Lab.