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Big rescued bunny napping on his albino girlfriend. She doesn't care 😂

Sweet adopted rabbit using his soft fluffy girlfriend as a pillow, but she couldn’t care less…

The bunnies in the video, Leonoor and Anna, are forming a cute bunny trio together with another albino rabbit named Suus.
Sometimes they sleep on top of each other all together, but Suus was busy working in the garden this time..

After quite a while Anna wanted to walk away, but Leonoor wasn’t ready to give up his pillow yet, so he stayed as long as he could. Which resulted in a very funny moment.. 😅

As you already may know these rabbits are living with my mother, she rescues and takes care of animals that need help too.
The bunnies, ducks, dogs, cats, mice, budgies, fish, pigeons, guinea pigs, chickens, and some wild animals that come to visit, are all living together. They are all safe now and can stay there forever. 🙂

Thanks for watching!
Wishing you a beautiful Sunday! 😘

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