Sleep music for rabbit, bunny, and baby – “Happy Bunny 1” – Music to make rabbit sleep, and baby as well. Relaxation,for sleeping or nap time – Instrumental music, by Pascal
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Does this music help you? Please let me know! 🙂 It means the world to me!
I hope these little bunnies and calm music will bring a peaceful moment at bedtime or nap time to your child or your rabbit?
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Please let me know what you think about my ambient music. You may use it for bedtime, relaxation, Spa, or Study, Meditation, Yoga, and Sleeping. Chill-out and be at peace with your soul with video featuring nature and simple rabbits, in France.
I hope you’re well!
Hope you like my instrumental music video, and these little bunnies!
I have spent some time to approach them so I could film them. 🙂
The amazing thing is that after some time, they really started trusting me.
And there are 2 very young ones, they came so close to my feet I couldn’t believe it.
This was a great moment for me.

Here I share my positive, calm and peaceful vibes.
But all the credit goes to these amazing actors: these happy bunnies! 🙂
Please let me know what you think, your suggestions, or if the video helped you, in any way. Relaxing, homework, study, for your pets, or finding sleep?
Thank you! and take good care of you and your family!
All the best to You!

Musique de détente et relaxation, pour dormir, se détendre, la méditation, le yoga. Et pour aider les bébés, les enfants et les grands à trouver le calme et à s’endormir.

video and music copyright 2014