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Giant Rabbit Breeds – The Flemish Giant!

This is the first video of the Rabbit Breeds series, where I will be capturing videos of over 40 breeds of rabbits, ranging from the rarely seen giants, to the super-fluffy, to the ultra cute. Through the course of this series, my goal is to help you discover something new and amazing, and introduce you to a super cute rabbit breed you’ve never seen or heard about. And just maybe, if you’re looking, one of these rabbit breed will end up being your perfect rabbit companion!

The Flemish Giant is typically a gentle giant among rabbits, and it enjoys a good reputation as a pet. It can weight between 15 and 20 pounds, but show Giants tend to be a more svelte – and manageable – 10 to 14 pounds. Does in excess of 20 pounds were once fairly common in Belgium, where the breed originated.

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