White New Zealand Bunny Rabbit are eating carrot. It’s cute pet hand feeding.
New Zealand White Bunny Rabbits have well-rounded bodies,; slender and muscular faces with round cheeks; large, long back feet; and small, short front pectoral muscles.
These funny rabbits have long perforated ears that stand straight up. Unlike the thick, snowy fur on their bodies, their ears have shorter fur that allows the delicate pale pink of their skin to show through. The most noticeable characteristic of New Zealand White bunny rabbits is their bright eyes, which range in shade from pale pink to bright ruby purple.
The Zealand White bunny rabbits have large, broad, and muscular bodies. The bunnies males weigh between 8-10 pounds, while the bunnies females weigh between 9-12 pounds (Verhallen 23-35). In addition to their greater size, females are distinguished by the presence of a dewlap, which is flap of fur below the chin that is pulled for a nesting box during pregnancies.
New Zealand white rabbits have a genetic deviation called albinism. Albinism is caused by a lack of melanin, which is a vital pigment that gives all creatures, including humans, their skin, fur, hair and eye color. The snowy coat of a the white rabbit is a normal length like other rabbit breeds.

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