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Rabbit giving birth-baby bunnies

We sadly have to announce the passing of Noisette: she left for the RBB July 23rd. No need to say we are devastated by this recent event.

All inappropriate comments will be deleted.

It is extraordinary already to be able to witness the birth of baby buns. Usually it happens during the night far from the eyes of any predators.
Extraordinary too because we have been able to catch her feed them for the first time and we also saw her eating the placenta.
Now, you will notice in the video how it seems hard for her to swallow that meat: don’t forget she is an herbivore and do eat this only for the sake of her babies. No trace of the birth left behind: her babies are safe. Nature is amazing!

For more pertinent information on rabbits, please visit this site:

Song is by Céline Dion: “Berceuse”:

Chut!, Chut!, faut pas te réveiller
Je voulais juste t’embrasser
Te regarder encore une fois
Pour t’emporter avec moi
Là où je vais… chanter

Maman t’aime, maman t’aime
Maman t’aime, maman t’aime

Surtout ne me regarde pas
Surtout ne me tends pas les bras
Ne pleure, ne pleure surtout pas
Je veux rester, mais je ne peux pas
Je ne peux pas…

Maman t’aime, maman t’aime
Maman t’aime, maman t’aime
Maman t’aime, maman t’aime
Maman t’aime, maman t’aime

Oh!, que je t’aime
Je sais, je te fais de la peine
Je t’amène avec moi sur scène
Et si le public m’ovationne
C’est parce que t’es avec moi
Mon homme

Maman t’aime, je t’aime

Facts About Rabbits:

Taxonomic Classification:

Domain — Eukarya (multi-celled organisms)
Kingdom — Animalia (heterotrophic – an animal, as opposed to a plant)
Phylum — Chordata (with a spinal chord)
Class — Mammalia (a mammal, that breast feeds its children)
Order — Lagomorpha (a rabbit, hare or pika)
Family — Leporidae (a rabbit or hare)
Genus — Oryctolagus (European)
Species — Cuniculus (European rabbit)