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Feeding a baby rabbit – Wombi – cutest bunny ever

Wombi was found on a footpath alive but beside him was another baby, but dead. He was rushed over to me and he was hand reared in rescue. We were able to work out he was 3 days old as he opened his eyes on day 10 and from there we worked back to know his age. Wombi was an absolute joy and you can see how adorable his feeding routine was as you see clips of his feeding routine over several weeks.

He acquired the name Wombi as he looked like a wombat what he was first found.

Sadly Wombi did not survive. I was devastated! He was self feeding and one night instead of him racing into my arms as usual he was sitting in the corner. Baby rabbits are very susceptible to bloat and they are not sure what causes it even suggesting running around to much too soon after eating could possibly cause it. Nothing unusual that day – but it hit very quickly and out of the blue!

Check out my facebook page here for lots of day to day stories – but Wombi will always be in my heart!

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