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Cute Domestic Rabbit Loves her Milk

Snow Ball (in the video) and Jingle Bell are two of an orphaned litter of newborn rabbits. We hope everyone can learn from Snow Ball and Jingle Bell’s story below and their adorable photos/videos πŸ™‚

β€’ Fix your rabbit! Baby rabbits are often unwanted and dumped at shelters.
β€’ Never, ever, purchase rabbits from pet stores. Rescues are always overflowing, and nearly all rescues will ensure the rabbit is fixed before you adopt.
β€’ Caring for newborns is very hard. This applies to wildlife too. If you are in a situation where you could separate babies from their mom, in the wild or domestically, PLEASE consider that someone out there will be spending hours upon hours to try to help these babies. Wildlife rehabilitators will spend hundreds of hours caring for baby cottontails this season because people simply “don’t want to be bothered” with the nest in the yard, or protecting it from their dog for a few days. Please, please, consider the ramifications of taking babies from their mothers and do all you can to keep them together.
Support your local rescue! Babies like these cannot be saved without the amazing people that invest everything to help abandoned rabbits. Rabbit shelters are often overlooked. Find one in your area and give them some love πŸ™‚

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