With Easter just around the corner – here are five brave, beautiful and bouncy bunny videos!

Bunny Gets Around With Her Cute Little Wheelchair
For more of this adorable bunny and her furry siblings, check her out on Instagram:

Rescue Rabbits Love Extreme Jumping
For more of these two adorable rescue rabbits, check them out on Instagram: To help Bentley and Simba’s rescuers save more rabbits, you can support Warrington Animal Welfare:

Bunny Who Couldn’t Walk Has Overcome So Much
You can help Cinnamon’s rescuers save more bunnies, by supporting Poland’s Rabbit Foundation: Follow Cinnamon’s second chance on Facebook:

Rescue Bunnies Snuggle Together All Day
Keep up with these adorable rescued bunnies on their Instagram: Big thanks to Special Bunny Rescue for giving rabbits like these two a second chance:

Bunny’s Mom Loves Him So Much She Makes Him His Own Castle
You can keep up with Cooper and all of his adventures in his amazing homemade castles on Instagram, @cooperthepooper:

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