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Cute White Baby Bunnies Cleaning Little Paws

For Flakie and Snuggs 😀 — Licking, grunting and yawn Vocals done by Sir Snaffers™ !! — Cuteness is a kind of attractiveness commonly associated with youth and appearance, as well as a scientific concept and analytical model in ethology, first introduced by Konrad Lorenz. It is usually characterized by (though not limited to) some combination of infant-like physical traits, especially small body size with a disproportionately large head, large eyes, a small nose, dimples, and round and softer body features. Infantile personality traits, such as playfulness, fragility, helplessness, curiosity, innocence, affectionate behavior and a need to be nurtured are also generally considered cute. — Rabbits are small mammals in the family Leporidae of the order Lagomorpha, found in several parts of the world. There are eight different genera in the family classified as rabbits, including the European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus), cottontail rabbits (genus Sylvilagus; 13 species), and the Amami rabbit (Pentalagus furnessi, an endangered species on Amami Ōshima, Japan). There are many other species of rabbit, and these, along with pikas and hares, make up the order Lagomorpha. The male is called a buck and the female is a doe; a young rabbit is a kitten or kit. — A house rabbit is a pet domestic rabbit kept for companionship that lives inside its owner’s home. House rabbits can be trained to use a litter box, and can live as long as 8–10 years when properly cared for.
Keeping a rabbit as a house companion was articulated by Sandy Crook in her 1981 book Your French Lop. In 1983, Crook was a featured lecturer to the 35,000 attendees at the American Family Pet Show in Anaheim, California where she presented her personal experiences of living with her indoor rabbit as evidence of a human-rabbit bond. Throughout the 1980s it became more common to litter-box train a rabbit indoors. — two cute bunnies licking each other big buck bunny animation 1080p zwergkaninchen hase hasen dick bruna miffy hello kaefig cage käfig haustiere mini little tiny short diminutive petite mignon(ne) wee teeny elfin lilliputian midget miniature minute minuscule baby bantam pocket(-sized) mini undersized immature young under age pint-sized peewee bunz incredibly cuddly furry kissing and cudling fury fluff ball weise babyhasen hase hasen weisse funny silly hilarious goldige niedliche putzige knuffige snow 1 2 3 4 witte konijntjes wit hasies bardhë weisse kaninchen ağ الأرانب البيضاء أرنب أبيض valge küülik puting kuneho lapin blanc λευκό κουνέλι ארנב לבן fehér nyúl hvít kanína kelinci putih coinín bán Il coniglio bianco 白ウサギ cuniculus albus balts trusis baltas triušis бел зајак arnab putih fenek abjad weisse kaninchen
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