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Rabbit Bath شاور الارنب

We have two rabbits as a gift from a dear friend Hanaa ,we will give them a warm bath .

Speaker 1: Do pet rabbits need to be bathed?

Speaker 2: Well, this is a confusing question because so many pet stores sell shampoo for animals. People will buy the shampoo because it looks so cute or if there’s a picture of a rabbit on the front of the bottle so that must mean that rabbits need to be bathed. In fact, rabbits don’t need to be bathed they are prodigious self groomers and they keep themselves immaculately clean. But every once in a while for a variety of a reasons a rabbit will get a really poopy butt and maybe because he’s sick because he’s having a digestive problem. It maybe because he’s arthritic and he can’t lean over to clean himself very well.