Small baby kits are so small and adorable as they come out to nurse. Over the last few weeks we’ve been getting a glimpse of tiny baby rabbit bunnies running around in our back garden. We had assumed the rabbits had left their burrow but to our surprise the mother rabbit showed up last night as the sun was going down and 4 baby bunny kits ran over to her and started nursing! It was the cutest thing to watch these little baby bunny rabbit kits get their nourishment for the day. The mother rabbit sat patiently as the baby bunnies pushed and shoved for position. We’ve tried in the past to get footage of baby squirrels, but squirrels are much bigger when they leave the nest, so videos of baby squirrels in the wild are much harder to find. We will keep looking since we have an abundance of squirrels in our neighbourhood with the population of squirrels reaching about 8 at the moment

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