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Cute Baby Wild Rabbit Followed Me Home: What do I feed her?

So a baby rabbit followed me home.

So I was walking to the store at around 7pm, when I turned around and saw a baby rabbit following me. (I have no idea how long or where she was following me from.) I couldn’t just leave it, as I was crossing the road many times. After she followed me for a while, she let me pick her up and I went back home abandoning my trip to the store. On the way back home, she fejumped out of my shirt where I was holding her, and she hit the grass, and freaked out, running all over the roads, and nearly getting hit by cars, and nearly falling into the gutter drain. After three hours of saving the baby’s life (and the cops being called for a suspicious individual) a neighbor helped me put it in a box, and now she is at my house.

She currently is eating strawberries, but there are also some mini tomatoes, a leaf of lettuce, a mix of organic Almond Milk, and 2% Cow milk, and Water.

I don’t know if this is enough to sustain her. Please let me know what to feed her till Wildlife can pick her up.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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