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🐇 My Droplets! Adopted a Cute Pet Bunny and Building my house! LOUD WARNING!

🐇 Roblox My Droplets Gameplay! Adopted a Cute Pet Bunny and Building my house! LOUD WARNING!

— Use these time point to skip to the section in the video:
0:01:12 Getting a pet!
0:02:13 Feeding my pet bunny!
0:03:37 Putting in the furniture first!
0:04:19 Wait I have to build a house to get the quest done – I cheated!
0:05:03 Checking out the Home Shop!
0:06:03 Going to finish my last quest for the day – play a minigame! Bowling first!
0:07:11 Trying out Whack a Droplet!
0:08:33 Trying out Droppin’ Droplets!
0:10:03 Giving my pet a shower!
0:11:23 Teaching my pet some tricks!
0:12:19 Shopping time!
0:14:16 Adding the stuff I bought!
0:15:12 Going to the farmer’s market to get food for my pet! LEMONS?
0:16:34 My bunny can play fetch!
0:18:09 I found a lost pet!
0:23:29 Getting my bunny a bow!
0:24:02 Checking out the pet store!
0:25:37 My pet grew!
0:26:27 Using the painting I bought to be a pretend TV!
0:27:28 Changing my outfit with the avatar editor!
0:31:32 Chocolate’s visiting!
0:32:17 Changing the color of my house!

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— My Droplets By Fullflower Studio

— About My Droplets
Welcome to My Droplets! The cutest immersive social pet simulation where you can adopt your very own droplets, teach them tricks, take care of and grow with them!
– The more you feed your droplet, the bigger it will grow!
– If your droplet is happy, it will poop gems. You can use gems to upgrade your life!
Version 1.0.2
– Interactive furniture phase 1!
– Hold your pet!
– Change your age!

Roblox My Droplets Created 1/21/2019, Updated 8/2/2019, Max Players 21, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, My Droplets)

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