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10 minutes of very important bunny footage

I overloaded my camera card with over 50 videos of these little floofs because I am a VERY PROUD MOTHER. The brown bunny is called Dandelion and the white one is called Snowdrop, and they are a blessing upon this universe. I hope their existence brings you immense happiness and peace °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

On the 19th of November I made one of the best decisions ever: adopting two baby bunnies. Originally, I was going to adopt guinea pigs, but I met these little angels and immediately bonded with them. After spending over an hour with them, I knew that they were meant to be a part of my family. Interacting with them and just watching them brought me inexplicable joy ♡

They’re very curious, energetic, intelligent, and loving little creatures. Their presence has improved my life so much already. I’ve always wanted bunnies so this is basically a dream come true, and I’m beyond grateful that I found them.

[All of the music used in this video is from the amazing R3 Music Box, a channel that makes precious little music box covers of different songs every day. They’re literally one of the best things ever]
● departure –
● ohayou –
● hunting for your dream –
● ginpatsu no shounen –
● reason –
● you are not alone –
● sunset waltz –
● kaze no uta –
● hyori ittai –