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In today’s video we’re introducing our new meat rabbits and showing you our new setup! We have 3 does and 1 Buck to get started in raising rabbits as a food source on the farm. We have Rex rabbits as well as a
new Zealand/ Flemish giant mix. If you’re interested in learning about rabbits, hit the subscribe button and learn along with us as we explore the world of raising meat rabbits.

Chad & Shelby Catron

We are a family that decided to make a huge lifestyle change. We bought 20 raw acres and are carving in our homestead, we built our home from the ground up with our own two hands- a Tiny house & DIY & HGTV came out and filmed the process of it being built- Tiny House Big Living- Off Grid Tiny.
We live off grid and we are growing our farm! We have pigs, goats, chickens, cats & dogs.
We build & grow our homestead when we can with cash so we are debt free!
But we are always making the best of every day and enjoying our journey.
Life is short, live your best life


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