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Bunny Rabbit

Cute Bunny Makes Potty Training Easier

Teaching your kid to pottery train is easier by watching this cute bunny. Just like you, the baby rabbit eats its vegetables, drinks water, takes naps and even uses the potty. Bunnies are living creatures just like us, they play with toys, eat apples and eat plenty of colorful vegetables. We are the potty training experts at and use this video to show children how simple the process of using the potty can be. It’s also important to eat your fruits and vegetables!

Straight from the Scaredy Cat Potty Trainer, Laura Woj, this video is about how Every Bunny Poops, to help your child learn to potty train. Every parent has potty training problems and sometimes a cute little bunny can help ease the anxiety. Experienced parenting techniques have helped many families over the years.

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