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Bunny Rabbit

◕‿◕ Cute Bunny! Kawaii Friday 97 – Tutorial in Polymer clay!

Naww… Bunnies are so cute! Here I show you how to make your own kawaii little bunny 🙂

Hope you like it! ^-^

-The glaze I use is ‘Tripple Thick gloss glaze’ by the company Americana.
-I use clay on the brand Fimo, bought on Panduro (Swedish craftstore)
-I film with a Canon Eos600D
-I edit in adobe Premiere Elements 8.0
-I paint details with waterbasted liquid colours and waterbased actrylic paint.

If you wonder anything else, or just want to say something, just leave a comment or send me a message! ^^


All material filmed and edited by me. Music written and played by me. Sounds by me.

Information about the music:
My name: Elin Palmborg
Title of music: Kawaii Friday theme music
Composor: Me (Elin Palmborg)
Music label: I don’t have a label