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Bunny Rabbit

How to Paint a Cute Bunny Rabbit with Acrylic paints Easter Bunny

Cute Bunny Rabbit painted in acrylics. A little advanced for the new Beginner but I would still call it in the easy range.
Reference photo from paint my photo
Tracing paper and graphite paper

A ready made traceable of the rabbit only is available in the file section of this Facebook group…

Share your art work in the group as well, We all love to see others works.

Raw Umber
Raw sienna
Yellow Ochre
Burnt Sienna
Titanium White
Sap Green
Cad Yellow Med
Raynes Gray

12 x 12 canvas paper or board or actual Canvas
1/2 brite
1/2 angle
small round
Liner brush
Paper towels

One day!! This video is time lapse with captions explaining my process. My PC internal microphone does not work well and sound quality was horrible. I have an external microphone on its way and hopefully things can only get better.

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