For certain advocates out there: The bunnies were unharmed and perfectly fine. They aren’t stuck in the cups (bunnies are made out of so much fluff they can squeeze through holes a quarter of their size) and could easily move about – they just didn’t want to move. Bunnies in fear will not be comfortable enough to doze off. And if you can’t tell the difference between a bunny paralyzed with fear or comfortable enough to sleep, you clearly don’t have enough experience in taking care of bunnies. A scared or traumatized bunny will never be able to fall asleep if they feel even slightly uncomfortable. They’ll struggle whenever given the chance to escape and their hind legs are powerful enough to attempt to kick out of their constraints – a glass cup will never be able to hold them if they aren’t satisfied with their situation. Any bunny owner will be able to tell you their own struggles they’ve had, from a kit to an adult bunny, so long as they aren’t happy with their position or situation, you’ll end up losing the battle with scars to bear.

Others: Please don’t try it on your own. The bunnies here are well behaved and used to constant attention and do not struggle. Not every bunny will appreciate this so know your own bunny and don’t try and emulate this.