Learn how to draw a cute rabbit sitting on a ball in easy step by step tutorial – Real time so you can draw along.

0:15 [Real Time] In this video I’m going to show you how you can draw a cute rabbit in simple steps. In less than 2 minutes.

2:08 [Fast Motion] It’s time for a quick coloring! I’m coloring the rabbit using Miniso markers (pink and blue). Enjoy!

2:32 [Fast Motion] I’m cutting the rabbit drawing using scissors. Get the FREE coloring page, here:

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A simple activity like drawing, coloring or doodling has lots of health benefits for everyone and any age. From toddler to child to teenager and to adult. Study says doodling or scribbling can help one to focus on current situation and keep away from daydreaming. These activities can improve memory and communications skills by expressing one’s thoughts and feelings through art.

Teaching how to draw and colors to children can help stimulates their creativity and imagination. It can also help children to learn more about colors and develop their thinking skills. Furthermore, it can help children to learn to plan and decide on what’s the next color to choose or what’s the next move to draw on. Most importantly, it can improve their skill of patience.

Drawing and coloring are not just an activity for kids but it can also be a very relaxing activity for adult. It helps to relief stress and clear the mind so it helps to concentrate better.

These activities are easy to do and very enjoyable. All you need is a pencil or marker and a paper to begin. Just schedule a free time to relax and draw. Learn how to draw in easy step by step tutorial that you can follow, click here to SUBSCRIBE:

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What is the meaning of doodle? Doodles are random drawings that can have meaning or just aimless abstract lines. Doodling is a spontaneous act of drawing.