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Bunnies can fly…proof

Our little bunny that we found in the garage. Fed him for a week and let him go. Unfortunately the hawk had other plans… 🙁

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**Update** and answers to some questions:

1) It is %100 real video, no editing and it was filmed with a Motorola Droid Rzr Maxx HD

2) The mommy bunny can be seen in the video just below the neighbors mailbox/driveway lying in the grass. Kermit did not run towards the bigger bunny.

3) This was not setup in any way shape or form.

4) The laughter at the end of the video was shock and the dis belief of what we captured on film.

5) The title is misleading and was the first thing I thought of when I uploaded.

6) We had no idea the video would go viral (hence the clear display of our license plates)

7) We explained to our daughter that the bunny went for a ride and was returned to its mother. She is only 4 and knows no different.

8) My wife was devastated and immediately began crying. I had to stop filming and comfort her for a bit.