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Super Hidden Tiny Wild Newborn Baby Bunnies — Happy Fun Stupid Family Time!

We’re literally overrun with 3-4 generations of rabbits that are spawning new ones at an alarming rate and proceeding to eat every flower, fruit, and vegetable (and weed) in the yard, but Kayomi the sweet wife loves bunnies, especially the tiny ones. I guess they are pretty cute. Here’s the 2nd generation of tinies we’ve seen this season. Mommy bunny hid them poorly and I found them and made the mistake of mentioning it to my lovely wife, who insisted on seeing them despite the crazed vorpal bunnies running rampant around the house at all times that you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting. These little wormy things will be joining their teenage, middle-aged, and older brothers and sisters and making exponentially more just like them in no time, but for now they’re hiding in a hole babby mommy made for them. Don’t worry we covered them back up and they’ll be fine. :/

OH SUPER if I don’t have a billion people watching over and over I get nothing. I was enjoying the $10 a month or less to get better cameras and set them up for time lapse and learning/buying editing software but screw me right youtube? lets see some more 5 year olds transition to a genderfluid blob or another dumb cartoon or compilation of compilations ripped from compilations we saw a decade ago. Russia!

f u youtube you’ll never see my snow bunnys and the meeting of Jack the 3-socked cat meeting Ms. bunny or his sister Parsnip’s hilarious response. Because if I can’t make a few bucks for equipment and editing while you only pay (a pittance in my case) to youtube megastars then enjoy being russian-crashes-failures-crazy-cops-makeup-tutorial-borderline-cp-dot-com.

Get bent. I even have snow skunks and snow deer this year, but you’;; never see them.

google is evil