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Baby Bunny Bath Time

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My two week old bunny taking her first bath.

No animals were harmed during the making of this video.
Rabbits usually do not need to be bathed, and extreme care should be taken if done so in the unlikely event that your rabbit also enjoys falling asleep in the litter box and having their siblings make a mess on top of them… 😛

•Be careful not to submerge a rabbits face in the water as they can very easily drown.
•Take care not to get any water in their ears that might cause an ear infection.
•Be sure to completely dry them afterward. (Two separate towels is best just to be sure that they are dry.)
•Water Temp 102 (Average rabbit body temperature.)
•Water pH 6.8 (Slightly acid water is better because it doesn’t kill the beneficial bacteria on the surface of the skin that protects from pathogens.)
•Water TDS 004 (As pure as I could get it…)