Calming and relaxing music for rabbits & bunnies to sleep by Blanket Barricade.
*** Let the music play for at least 20 minutes to have an effect.

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Use this music to calm down your bunny rabbit and help it to sleep.
This music for rabbit kind is composed especially to help animals fall asleep and be relaxed. It is perfect for animals with anxiety or who suffer from stress. Because of it’s soothing nature the relaxing bunny music will de-stress even the most anxious of pets.

The band Blanket Barricade has been writing calming rabbit music for rabbits to sleep for over 2 years. With two pets at home as test subjects the band has been able to test their music on pet animals to create something that is perfect for relaxing and calming down pet rabbits. We suggest you give this bunny calming music for rabbits a try by leaving it on for a couple hours and seeing what sort of effect it has on your bunny rabbit.

Be sure to put this relaxation music for bunnies on at a low volume so that it won’t be too loud for bunnies’ sensitive ears. For the most relaxation power we recommend that you not place your stereo system on anything that might vibrate or make weird noises which could distrupt the calming power of the bunny relaxing music.

For hyperactive or very anxious animals try to introduce this soothing music every day for a week while you are our of the house. Over time they will become accustomed to it and will relax easier.

If your rabbit has separation anxiety while you are away from the home then this soft music, being 5 hours long, is perfect for your animal. Put it on when you leave and press the repeat button so that it’s won’t end before you arrive back home. When using this instrumental piano music to put your rabbit to bed be you may want to consider signing up for YouTube Red so that YouTube won’t place any ads between the songs.

This relaxing music for bunnies to sleep is also designed to be useful for sick and ill bunny rabbits. Put the music on to relax your bunny, letting it heal quickly!

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1. Sleepyhead
2. Good Soldiers
3. Ice Fields

All rabbit relaxing music composed by Wesley K.

Thanks for using our music! We hope you and your bunny loves it!
This 5 hrs of calm rabbit music is Copyrighted 2016 / 2017.