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Langley, the island town with a cute bunny plague and touring Fort Casey | MOTM VLOG 75

Langley WA, The cute island town with a cute bunny problem and big guns at Fort Casey while Touring Whidbey Island September 2016.

In this episode we visited Langley Washington because we were told they had a cute bunny problem….. And they were right! It sure didn’t look like a problem but these cute little bunnies liked to dig, and once the dug they liked to procreate. This turns into a big problem for a little town when building foundations become compromised due to bunny holes. These were bunnies that were released in a barnyard scramble for kids to catch at a fair, but some got away. Once escaped they survived quite well on their own and now they are everywhere. Some people would prefer to see them in stew while others think they are too cute and should be left alone. What do you think?

After Langley we visited Fort Casey where we found huge disappearing guns and a well intact fort that once guarded the entrance to Puget Sound during World War 2. None of the guns are original but some had been installed from other places to serve as demonstration weapons. Much of the fort is open to explore and we had a great time exploring the bomb proof rooms.

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